Contract for Services

Contract for Services


Never Give Up Publishing Co. is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support our mutual purposes of faith and hope to all who may be struggling with the horrendous effects of PTSD and find avenues of help in regaining their own spirituality and love for and from their family through sharing and understanding.

The oral presentations and the published book of NEVER GIVE UP also recognize those who suffer from learning disabilities and/or just plain old lack of love as children, who feel broken and have no confidence, who are bruised and beaten down. The hopes are they, too, will be able to understand how to take back their right to fight for their recovery from all these evils and never give up on their ability to rise above all else to be anything they choose.

Your acceptance of this contract will be designated by  your return email which includes: 

Please email, text, or call for any questions. 

Thank you so very much for your consideration!


Robert J. Gannon/Linda Galbraith


Phone (leave message or text): 417-461-3470 or 417-412-0119