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What adoration means to me is when you walk into that chapel, there are times you can feel the presence of Jesus. As you are sitting there, you are praying your rosary or meditating, and there is Jesus right in front of you. You are looking at him, and he is looking at you. It’s time I use every week to help strip myself of greed and selfishness and bring more spirituality into my life.

God will talk to me or you in adoration. I am an author and a public speaker, and just a short time ago, as I was praying my rosary, this thought came into my mind: “When you love all my people, no matter the race, the drug addict, the alcoholic, the bag lady, or the special needs child, it shows me the purity of your heart.” Things like this make me realize how much further I need to improve my heart to be more like God’s heart. This is what adoration means to me. 

New Dimensional Christian Ministry

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Nashville

Praying with Nikki Kingsley at Nashville Marian Convention

Signing books at Nashville Marian Convention

Gaylord, Michigan Marian Conference. 

Walking in the door to my 80th birthday surprise party

Me (Bob) riding Jackpot on my farm

All my family, and me and Linda in the very back. That's my son Joe in front with the huge smile.

My daughter Trish and editor Linda.