Oral Presentations

Currently Available 45-minute Talks

You may choose any two of these for a convention (fees as listed below). If you are local to Rolla, Missouri, and only need one presentation, we will present one story for donations.

This carries the story of a little girl who appeared in dreams to help Bob through his nightmares of the Vietnam war. By the grace of God as well as St. Therese, this little girl actually appeared later in Bob’s life as proof of a miracle.

The telling of true camaraderie in the face of the possibility of death and the promises of laying down one’s own life for others, just as Jesus suffered through for all of us.

This is a story about a boy (myself) with a serious learning disability of dyslexia who had no hope of achieving anything, but it’s a great story of how God managed his life and put people in his life who kept pulling him out of the hole into achievements and success. Surviving a childhood with an abusive and alcoholic father. Finding my self-confidence and spirituality in the Marine Corps. Passion to serve others found through my own life’s traumas.